Proposals Funded

  • $4,500 – Four staff added more flexible furniture for classrooms. Included are some stand-up stools, tables and desks.
  • $4,500 – Bruce Meyers helped create a Fishing Club. Introduce more students to this lifetime hobby.
  • $4,430 – Julie Fromm & Bruce Meyers spearhead many outdoor education projects at school. Bruce has received grants for a maple tree planting for a syrup collecting project, as well as to establish a school pond north of the school. Foundation funds have been used for a birdfeeder with webcam, a DNR workshop, a bridge on the school trails, snowshoes and cross country ski poles.
  • $4,136 – Kindergarten teacher Lindsey Wiberg identified an online learning program that teachers can access for Conscious Discipline to more effectively work with some of the more challenging student needs that teachers see. Pre-K teacher, Anna Warring, added curriculum materials and training that will help improve young student’s overall readiness for learning.
  • $1,000 – Third grade teacher Barb Hendrick added four Chromebook computers to her classroom.
  • $1,000 – Fifth Grade Outdoor Education Field Trips
  • $750 – Outdoor kitchen/sap boiler: for outdoor cooking equipment and boiling sap. 
  • $705 – Four triple beam balances and a new hotplate (instead of an old frying pan) for high school science by Joanne Zosel.
  • $420 – 7-12 Science Classes – Digital Microscopes
  • Up to $1,000 per year to fund up to two projects a year in the classrooms of Kohl Teacher Applicants.