Mission Statement

The Mission of the Solon Springs Educational Foundation is to provide the
students, staff, and the Solon Springs School District with financial support to
enrich educational opportunities and programs.

Our Goal is to encourage outstanding student academic achievement

  • Enhancing learning opportunities for all students.
  • Enabling staff to develop creative and innovative educational
    programs for all students.
  • Recognizing contributions by staff, alumni, and community members.
  • Encouraging businesses, alumni, civic, and community involvement
    in our schools.

Why do we need an Educational Foundation?

  • The primary purpose of the Foundation is to provide
    funding for educational enhancements not usually part of
    a school district budget.
  • An educational foundation can collect donations and
    estate bequests from those interested in supporting
    activities in a school district. It will use those funds to
    support educational activities.
  • It can hold funds over a longer period of time than a
    school budget cycle.

How is the Educational Foundation different from a
scholarship fund, a booster club, or PTA?

  • Scholarship donations are often given each year to specific students.
    Most of this type are usually managed by the school district.
  • The Foundation will not use funds it raises for scholarships as we do
    does not see scholarships within the scope of our core mission,
    though the Foundation could manage specifically donated funds for
    scholarships or as long-term scholarship investment funds from
    larger donations.
  • Booster clubs mainly support athletic and extracurricular programs.
    The Education Foundation is designed to support academic
    opportunities and programs.
  • While the PTA supports many different kinds of activities in the
    school district, the Educational Foundation is designed solicit
    donations, large and small, including bequests from person’s
    estates. We expect to develop self-supporting funds invested over a
    longer term.