On November 15th, Mrs. Makela and Mrs. Zosel packed up twenty-five of their upper level (Advanced Biology, Medical Terminology, and Chemistry) science students to make the trip. We filled the bus as we picked up twenty-five of Northwood’s students from Mr. Kildow’s advanced classes as well. The focus of the exhibit was on disease and how disease affects various organs in the body. Diabetes, arthritis, cardiovascular diseases, cancer, and others were compared and contrasted between healthy and unhealthy bodies.

Educational Foundation assisted us in our endeavor by paying for the tickets to attend this exhibit.

Our students benefited both educationally and personally. Many of our students have expressed an interest in preventative healthcare as a future area of study. Educationally, this exhibit gave them insight into what that type of career may entail. Personally, the students internalized the benefits of maintaining a healthy body, one free of the latest poison like e-cigarettes.

A Human Body Exhibition, BodyWorlds, is once again on display at the Minneapolis Museum of Science until January 5th, 2020.